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A couple of years ago, people might have argued that it was highly unlikely that they would own, or even know somebody who owned an electrical vehicle in the near future. Yet here in 2020, the electrical car market has grown rapidly and they are fast on their way to becoming the norm.

Still not sure? Here are just a few statistics which show the growth of EV over the last couple of years:

(Source: NextGreenCar)

How to prepare?

This growth is no surprise when you consider their many benefits for both the driver and the environment too. With this in mind, is your business prepared for the growth of EV? Just as petrol stations can be found on every corner, many main roads and in every city – the demand is now there for electric vehicles too, plus even more for increased convenience.

The difference with petrol stations in comparison to EV charging, is that oil is so expensive that it would never be feasible for each driver to have their own oil tank on their drive! However, luckily this is quite the opposite when it comes to powering electric vehicles. Whether your business is a commercial building where you regularly have visitors or an office workplace, an EV charging point on-site is the answer to accommodate for the growth of EV in West Yorkshire and beyond.

What makes the installation of EV charging points at office workplaces even more effective and attractive is the current grants offered by the government. This acts as encouragement for both workplaces and their staff to uptake electrical vehicles as part of an environmentally-conscious initiative.

Our team of friendly, electrical contractors are experts in installing EV charging points, so join the EV revolution and contact West Yorkshire Electrical today!

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