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Light-emitting diodes (LED) caused major disruption to the lighting market with their energy-efficient technology. It has often been claimed that they’re the future of home lighting, however why stop there? Businesses use vast amounts of energy and incur high costs on lighting for their premises whether it be a retail store, a warehouse or an office. So here we’re going to discuss the reasons why your business should make the switch to LED for your commercial premises.

More energy efficient

LED lights are a more energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs as they use 90% less energy to produce the same amount of light. You can dramatically reduce your commercial premises energy consumption with LED lighting, as well as reducing those all-important bills.

When an incandescent light is working, only 5-10% of the supplied energy is actually converted into light and the rest is wasted. However with LED lights, they work at 80% efficiency so that only 20% is lost and converted into heat.

Longer life

We all know that frustrating feeling when a lightbulb goes out. This is even more frustrating within a workplace, as it can be a lot more disruptive than changing a small lamp at home. Your workplace deserves something better! LED lighting offers an increased lamp life by lasting significantly longer than the usual fluorescent lights, meaning that you can save time on office disruption and save money on labour costs too.

Reduced carbon footprint

The environmental impact of energy usage across West Yorkshire, the UK and the world has undoubtedly reached a high over the last 30 years. This is why LED lights have been a welcomed change to the lighting industry due to their many environmental benefits. As a business, the efforts of being environmentally-conscious are even more significant as it is a large part of many businesses corporate social responsibility. The switch to LED lighting can drastically reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the change and switch to LED lighting within your commercial premises today and reap the benefits of reduced costs, reduced carbon footprint and reduced maintenance.

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